Shop Like a Boy

Two aisles intersect at the grocery store. Carriages stop. A little boy dances to an imagined rhythm on large checkered tiles. His own personal dance floor. Feet sliding. Head shaking. Arms waving.

His mother says, “Sorry, he’s my wild child.”

A man passes.

“Second child syndrome,” she offers.


The older boy half hidden behind the carriage offers a shy, “Hello,” as the man passes. More like his mother than his little brother. Maybe he wishes he could be so free.

Across the store another little boy hangs from the handles of his mother’s carriage. The knees of his running pants sliding along the tile until his body catches up and hangs straight. Then he runs on his knees to keep pace with the steady pull his mother gives on the front of the cart.

He comes to the checkout, seeing every brightly colored package of candy. His busy eyes finding one thing then another. Then he walks around the carriage and finds a display of balloons. Busy. Seeing. Exploring.

When shopping is done a third boy bounces a ball atop a grassy hill. It bounds away down a brightly striped slope and he gives chase as fast as his little legs will carry him. The ball hits a tree, changes direction, and heads uphill.

The boy can’t stop. He overshoots. Turns around. And catches up to the ball as it comes to rest. He dives on top of it, relishing the sheer joy of recapturing his toy. You can feel his excitement from one hundred yards away.


As you go through your day, try to cut through the clutter of shopping lists, deadlines, and holiday obligations. It’s Friday. Shop, work, live like a little boy today.

Happy Easter!


12 Comments on “Shop Like a Boy”

  1. Amber West says:

    Very cute. Growing up in a family of five kids, three of which were boys, I have a tendency towards “living like a little boy”.

    Even now, my older brothers (both are in their 30s) got in trouble at my moms for breaking her pilates ball. They were running towards it, leaping onto it, then bouncing off. And playing dodgeball. 🙂

  2. Tasha Turner says:

    Love this. What great advice.

  3. whattawoman says:

    Mother of daughters here. Despite that, by living well and honorably, I was rewarded this last twenty years with lots of grandboys, CJ, your post completely captures the brilliant threads of my precious crazy-quilt life fabric. ~m

  4. Yay! Hosanna and, wow CJ, what a great post. Thank you. -Susan

  5. Jane Carroll says:

    Perfect…love the enthusiam of children!

  6. Lil Gluckstern says:

    That little boy energy is so wonderful to see, and enjoy. Thank you for the images, and a Happy Easter to you.

  7. Marcia says:

    Love this, CJ! I’m always reminding people (especially myself) to find time to play. As far as children go, I had one of each. I loved watching both grow and, having only sisters myself, I’m so happy I was able to experience the differences in each.
    My husband says he’s going through his 5th puberty. 😉 He refuses to grow up…and I’m so glad!
    Have a wonderful holiday with your family!

  8. wombatz cazz says:

    kids do the cutest little things!

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