Take A Walk

This week I’m reading Permission Marketing by Seth Godin. (I’ve linked to Amazon, but it is highly likely this book is in your library.)

Godin describes Interruption Marketing, all the commercials and pop-up ads and spam posts and direct mail we receive on a daily basis. These things are cheap and they work to some extent so companies have gone to extremes to interrupt us. This book is dated, but Godin says we can see up to 10,000 marketing messages in a single trip to the supermarket.


Last night I was out in a bar and started looking around at all the ads clamoring for my attention. The sensory overload was stunning. Every bottle on the shelf had a label, which is a mini-advertisement. Eight televisions broadcast games and even when the action was taking place, ads could be seen on the walls of the stadium or rink. A marquis scrolled through upcoming events at the bar. Every square inch of wall space had a sign for beer or tequila or the state lottery.

Even this blog (because I have to try to make a living) has my books linked on the sidebar in the hope you’ll click over and buy one.

Why are we so bombarded and what can we do?

The truth is that we don’t make very many things for ourselves anymore. We buy what we need from companies who compete against each other to make a profit. All this marketing helps us make choices, but it also leaves us frazzled and overwhelmed.


For those of you who follow this blog regularly, you know I’m in the midst of an extreme workout regimen to get ready for MANday. Before I began training, I walked four miles every day. It’s a great way to get the blood moving and if you walk in a park or a hiking trail, it’s an environment free from the chaotic world of consumerism.

After beginning Godin’s book, I delighted in my time in the forest with nothing but birds and mice for company. The contrast to our frantically-paced, electronically-enhanced(?) lifestyle was stunning.

If you haven’t done so in a while, go out and take a walk today! Give your senses a chance to reconnect with the present moment in peace. You’ll be glad you did.


Another thing that has helped me is to remove sensory clutter from my personal space. A neat space with very little in it really gives me a feeling of peace because even unconsciously, my mind recognizes each item it sees and works hard to remember them and where they are. By removing the clutter, I can feel myself relax. Try it!

Before I go, I want to recommend two blogs that will give you positive thoughts to help you relax.
Zen habits is a great blog focused on helping you live peacefully in the present. Leo Babauta has 250,000 followers for a reason!

A flourishing Life by Dr. Gail Brenner suggests that we Awaken to the Power of Slow. Whenever I read these two blogs I come away feeling relaxed. I highly recommend them both.

Got a great idea to escape the craziness of everyday?


12 Comments on “Take A Walk”

  1. Pam Stack says:

    Nice. Thanks CJ.

  2. Great posting today, CJ. As usual!

  3. Lil Gluckstern says:

    Like most people, I am constantly going from task to task. Even exercise becomes driven, then I stop. take a quiet walk, and breathe and let my mind go where it wants. Your links are great. Quiet makes all the difference.

  4. susan craig says:

    Today’s post was a great reminder for me… I tend to get too caught up in the madness. Speaking of which, I’ve just given you a Liebster award. Forgive me if the award logo looks a little girly. Maybe you could substitute a gun for the heart. Liebster is a pay-it-forward award, just a way to say I like your site and your writing.

  5. Hi CJ.

    The US is “worse” in terms on the advertising assault front, but other countries are catching up fast. One of the things I miss having moved to Texas is walking/bike trails. There are some, but they’re long and straight and you get bored and take your iPod next time.

    Better keep up the workouts, you never know what might happen!


    • cjwestkills says:


      We have lots of great state parks in Massachusetts and many of them have great trails. The nice thing about Texas is you can get outside 12 months a year (if you can take the heat).

  6. Nissie says:

    I know how it probably sounds, but I walk at the cemetery. It’s quiet, peaceful, and I do a lot of soul searching.

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