Do You Put Milk In Your Eggs?

This morning I made scrambled eggs to add protein to my MANday diet. While I cooked, I watched the heat transform the yellow liquid into something that seemed more substantial even if it wasn’t. I remembered my Aunt Ann and how she taught me to cook eggs by moving them fast over high heat.


Notice there is no bacon in this picture!

Then I remembered something else. Milk bubbling along the edges of the pan. Remember that? For those of you who haven’t added milk to eggs, it was something we did up here in the Northeastern US to stretch the budget when milk was a lot less expensive than eggs.

That got me thinking about the ways our life has evolved. We used to do a lot of things ourselves to save money, but we don’t do that much for ourselves anymore. We have become so specialized, our talents so valuable, that we hire professionals to perform all sorts of services.

Two weeks ago I read Seth Godin’s book, Permission Marketing. This book has been around a while, but one of the things that really stuck with me is that there are more and more demands on our time. And that time and not things are becoming our most precious commodity.


So much better from scratch!

When I was a kid, I made chocolate chip cookies from scratch. I still make them the same way. The difference being I do it faster now and a lot less frequently. But my kids make them from that roll of Toll House dough. I think mine are much better but they don’t seem to mind the tiny deflated cookies.

I’m the same with pizza. I make my own dough from scratch while most people buy a package of dough in the grocery store. Some of them call Dominos or Papa Gino’s, which might be the fastest way of all. They deliver almost anywhere! Sadly, I think Papa Gino’s pizza might be better than mine, but I enjoy making it.


I do admit Papa Gino’s
Kicks my butt in pizza making.

So this morning while I ate my eggs I was thinking that I’m a dinosaur. I like doing things the old fashioned way. The best illustration happened a few years ago. I was clearing some land near my home. Instead of cutting the trees with my chainsaw and then pulling the stumps with a machine, I used hand tools to dig out the roots first and then I used the tree’s own weight to pop out the stumps. It was great exercise and it made me feel clever.

Note: Taking out stumps this way is highly dangerous. Please don’t try it yourself.

Today I had a glimmer of hope for bringing myself into the modern age. My primary goal in this blog is sharing thoughts that will help you enjoy life’s journey. If I can do that, I’m doing my part in this crazy, highly-specialized world we live in. I also did something yesterday to follow Mr. Godin’s advice and save you time.

I published this blog to the Kindle Store. Hopefully, the convenience of having this blog on your Kindle whenever it is published will save you time AND you’ll get my thoughts on enjoying life’s journey more regularly.

Maybe I’m a new kind of technologically savvy dinosaur.

What about you? What do you do the old fashioned way?


14 Comments on “Do You Put Milk In Your Eggs?”

  1. That was just mean posting all those food pics! Now I’m hungry. 🙂

  2. Bethany K. Warner says:

    I never thought about anybody making eggs WITHOUT milk! That’s how everybody in my family does it, but the budget-stretching idea makes a lot of sense, especially with our blue-collar-type roots!

    Since we’re on food, I make strawberry shortcake from scratch, none of those yellow sponge-cakes in the grocery for me!

  3. Sue says:

    We used milk in the scrambled eggs too but we always thought they were fluffier with the added milk. I no longer use it to cut down on calories … but I still miss the taste! I LOVE home made, and that includes sewing and crocheting and cooking and baking and a whole bunch of other stuff like weeding and chopping off branches, etc with hand tools or bare hands ….. which makes me quite the dinosaur too!! And I must admit, I am a dinosaur in one other way … I still prefer reading paper books! I am sure I will make the change soon (especially since I keep imagining all the trees that will remain standing since they won’t be cut down to make the paper copies I have preferred). Like milk in scrambled eggs though, I am sure I will always miss it once I make the change.

  4. You are not alone! I make everything from scratch. Even the fattening stuff is a lot healthier for you. I feel especially comforted when I’m feeding myself and my family when I can pronounce the ingredients!

    I’ve also taken trees down that way and it is a lot safer if you use a come-along to tighten the tree to a neighboring tree pulling it away from you. They can still buck and twist, but you’re less likely to receive a mortal wound. But I’d still rent the machine, because it’s faster and I like to work smarter, not harder.

    Mom taught me to put milk in my eggs when scrambling. So that’s how I do it today. Milk also adds moisture and makes them fluffy… to make them more delicious a/k/a more fattening, try whipping in heavy cream instead of milk. YUM! Well, I don’t advise doing that while you’re trying to dethrone Marky Mark as an underwear model 😉

    • cjwestkills says:

      I’m impressed Kim! I read your post on ultimate fighters but didn’t know you could handle trees too!

      I’m with you on pronounceable ingredients too. No thanks to preservatives!

      • And now a confession – my husband calls me Kim Vila and makes penis jokes to our friends. Daddy wanted a boy – he got me, so I am somewhere in the middle. My honeymoon was a fishing trip…and it was AWESOME!

      • cjwestkills says:

        That sounds awesome.

        I’m wondering if you slap your husband when he makes those jokes. I’m guessing you have a great sense of humor. And how many guys have a hot wife who likes to fish! You are one hot commodity!

  5. He’s received several bruises for making references to a “black mamba.” But thanks for the compliment… I’m blushing.

  6. I always put milk in my eggs but I read somewhere that you can also use water to make them fluffier–I tried it and it works just fine. It doesn’t really change the taste of the eggs compared the ones made with milk, and they’re still fluffy. So you can save some calories that way–this way you can add more butter and/or cheese to them. 🙂

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