Manday Week 8 Women Go Crazy for Good Abs!

I’ve gotten a bit off track in the last two weeks. And I want to share my progress, but first I need to tell you about something I learned at poker.

Last Wednesday I sat next to a mild-mannered older woman, about seventy years old. We were playing No Limit Hold ‘em and she has trouble with her hands, so I was dealing when it was her turn.

We all know each other pretty well and this particular woman sometimes needs help knowing which chips to put in. She’s meek and goes along with the game. She rarely talks and when she speaks, her voice is very soft. I get the sense she’s there to liven up an otherwise boring Wednesday night.

About an hour into the game she lost her chips and it was time for her to go.

She started to get up and then looked at the guy next to her and said, “It was really hard sitting next to you all night. I know you have a great six pack under there and I really wanted to throw you down on the floor and jump on you.”

The image was hilarious. The woman is very short, large, and forty (maybe fifty) years older than the guy she was talking to. He is buff and quiet himself. All he could do was smile until she left.


I tried to find a pic that reminded me of them.
This was the best I could do.

If I wasn’t sitting directly across from her I never would have believed it.

We laughed about that for an hour, but it taught me a very important lesson: ALL WOMEN Love Abs!

Guys, take it to heart. Go visit #plankaday!

Ladies, remember if you want to help Jillian, comment on my MANday challenge.

On a more serious note, my workouts have been suffering the last two weeks.

One good thing… I noticed this week when I stand up behind my desk I see abs (3 sets of two) reflected in the mirror across the room. I haven’t seen them since I was in my twenties, so that’s kind of cool. (and now you ladies know I often write with my shirt off.)

A few of you sent messages this week wondering where last week’s MANday post was. I wasn’t sure what to write last week because I had two setbacks.

First, I hurt my back doing some intense ab exercises. I have lost two weeks of planking because it took that long for my back muscles to return to normal. My back issue is nothing serious, I just stressed the muscles a bit too much. They are better now.

The second problem isn’t going away quite so easily. I’ve developed a stomach ulcer and I’m in pain most of the time. I ran once this week and I’m doing some upper body work, but I’ve had to really limit my ab workouts because I don’t want to aggravate the problem. I’m also sleeping more to give my body a chance to heal.

I feel like I’m on track for the photo on July 14 but at this point in the contest I wanted to be pushing the workouts hard. Unfortunately, I can’t do that right now. If you stop by facebook or Twitter and are wondering why I’m not there, I’m probably fishing, trying to relax and get my stomach back into shape.

Since I know how much you ladies love abs, I’m going to share some in this post.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to share your workout progress with me.






19 Comments on “Manday Week 8 Women Go Crazy for Good Abs!”

  1. sue violette says:

    That pic is hilarious, CJ!!!!! I hope you can get back on track and be happy with your progress for your photo shoot! Hang in there! I’m just now getting back into my workout, too!

  2. Hope your recovery goes well, C.J. And just so you know the bar isn’t set *too* high, the guy in pic #2 is a little *too* muscular. It *can* go too far.

  3. Theresa says:

    Take care of yourself stomach ulcers can turn nasty.

  4. LightRelief for your back (look online) and lie in bed with your knees supported by a thick pillow. Prilosec for your tummy. Reduce stress. Drink slippery elm and chamomile tea. 🙂

  5. Being physically fit is what it’s all about. So take care of you first!

  6. Sorry about the ulcers and the back. Start eating healthier 🙂 And enjoy your weekend fishing. It’s a great stress reliever. When you finally do reveal those abs, I don’t think any of us will be disappointed 🙂 As for the picture, I could have done without seeing that this morning! 🙂

    • cjwestkills says:

      Sorry. It was too much to resist!

      If you saw the two of them at the poker table you would have laughed. She’s not the type of person you’d EVER expect to say something like that.

  7. Kim Mullican says:

    First, thank you for healing my repulsion at photo number 1 with the follow up photos. YIKES. I think I threw up in my mouth a little.

    The second photo of your ab lineup I also find pretty damn gross… ew, too much. The biggest challenge for most of us in our lives is finding balance. That picture defines it for me… too much of a good thing is not good, but I may be among the minority on that. I hugged a guy once who was built like that. It was like hugging the corner of my house. No thanks.

    I come from a long line of ulcer sufferers, and fortunately for me, I’m ulcer free. My stress comes out in other ways like an ugly rash on my shin… irritating but no where near what you’re going through. Anyway, deepest heartfelt concern. Aging is a bitch. My grandmother, who suffered for years discovered Apple Cider Vinegar helps. She drinks a shot before each meal. Sounds nasty to me, but she swears by it and no longer needs any ulcer medication.

    As an aside, thank you for the sweet words via Twitter.

    As a fellow angler, I know what fishing does for me. Enjoy slaying fish and the fish tales that follow 😉

  8. Ohhh, poor guy! Feel better quickly.

  9. Lil Gluckstern says:

    Sorry to hear about your ulcer, and back. Here’s hoping you feel better soon. That you are already seeing your abs is great. Good luck

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