MANday Week 9 – More and Better Sex!

Today marks 22 days until my photo session for Jillian’s MANday blog. Guys, if you haven’t been following along, I’m going to give you the best motivation ever to get started on an exercise program.

First, have you heard this old joke:
Guy 1: How do you know when a woman has an orgasm?
Guy 2: Who cares?

This was funny when I was twenty-something, but now I realize how crucial sexual performance is to a man’s self esteem.

Guys, when you see a woman’s magazine with an article titled Ultimate Orgasms, How To Make Them Longer And Stronger, do you pick it up?





I know you ladies read these stories because they are prominently featured so often. Did you know when you walk out of the room we pick them up and frantically flip to the article for advice? We put them back as soon as we’re done and try to remember how you had them organized on the coffee table so you don’t know.

Maybe you’re smarter than we think. Maybe you leave them out for us to find, hoping we’ll learn something. Hmmm…

You know what’s coming…

This week I read a bit from Women’s Health. While it didn’t have offer much in terms of technique or creativity, one thing caught my eye. The author suggested that women who have more masculine partners had longer more satisfying sex and you guessed it, more orgasms. Hmmm!

Good thing I’ve been working out for 9 weeks! My stamina for everything has really improved.

Guys if you haven’t joined my MANday workout program yet, check out this article from Men’s Health
It’s a great exercise for your abdominals. And don’t forget the pushups. If you’re going to hold yourself up for an hour, some added upper body strength won’t hurt.

So what have I been doing?


My daughter and I went to Horseneck Beach yesterday so I could work on my tan. The farmer’s tan wasn’t going to cut it for Jillian’s blog, so over the next three weeks, I’ll be stopping at Horseneck regularly. For those of you not from New England, it was in the high 90’s the last two days. That’s smoking hot for us northerners!

I’ve got a video to help you guys get in the spirit. Way up above I promised to get you more and better sex. Well, if that article isn’t enough proof that getting in shape will help you attract ladies, I can tell you I watched women drool over the chiseled guys on the beach all afternoon yesterday.

Just do it. You’ll be glad you did.

In between talking to my daughter and watching the girls watch the guys, I plotted a third of the sequel to The End of Marking Time. I’m in love with the new story and it has an ending that rivals the original. I can’t wait to start writing!

And I did actually do some exercise this week.

I walked 11 miles last weekend. I haven’t been running or doing much ab work due to my ulcer, but otherwise I’m feeling great.

I have some good news to report. After a few weeks of focus, pushups have become routine. I can bang out ten pushups anytime, anywhere, and I’m doing 30 to 50 every day. That’s a big change from when I started. The more I workout the more I am impressed with how quickly my body adapts to new exercises.

If I could give you one thing today, it would be the feeling I had this week, realizing that something that had been a real challenge was now well within my limits. Wow does it feel great.

So, tell me about your workouts and what you think about those gossip rag sex articles.


13 Comments on “MANday Week 9 – More and Better Sex!”

  1. Good post today! At first I was like, Uhh…and was wondering where that title was going to take us. 🙂 Have a great weekend CJ. And don’t forget your sunscreen!

  2. You’re just trying to make me feel old, aren’t you?

    I didn’t know about the ulcer. Hope you’re doing ok.


  3. Yes, we like a man in shape. Why wouldn’t we? Rarely do men go for the over weight woman when there is a perfect ‘swim suit’ model type standing somewhere near you. It’s all about the physical look that attracts both male and female. It bothers me a great deal to watch shows where the middle aged man is pot bellied and balding while his wife is still arm candy. It’s a double standard. So you’re right on the money with this one C.J. great advice!

    • cjwestkills says:

      Thanks Kim. I’ve still got my hair and I’m in shape. So, should I have arm candy following me around?

      • Um…yes! You’re hotter than the summer sun. Don’t be surprised if a beautiful woman asks if you know the time or for directions. She probably doesn’t need either one…

      • cjwestkills says:


        I was at the beach all day yesterday and not one woman asked for directions to the water or the snack bar. I guess I’ll have to go back without my daughter.

  4. I would and be sure to wear a great smile. Let me know how it works out for you.

  5. Kim Mullican says:

    Well now I feel duped by your misleading title 😉 I was ready to mix a drink for this one!

    Just kidding.

    Beach bodies…we do drool. My daughter and I take books and sunglasses to mask the ogling. It works pretty well.

  6. athenabrady1 says:

    Great post CJ I couldn’t resist the title being a bit of a minx. No, my sex life is just fine, in case you were wondering,hubby is coming up with the goods lol. Sex with no strings is great ( life before marriage) but it’s the one’s you love that keep most of us women going back for more. Then sex turns into passion and who could hope for more than that.

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