MANday Week 10 – Injured Reserve

What Do I have in common with Tom Brady and Wes Welker?

All three of us have torn our left ACL.

Here is a video of Tom Brady going down after being hit by Bernard Pollard in 2008.
That was a very sad day for Patriots fans!

Here is Wes Welker going down after making a hard cut against the Texans. It is so easy to admire this guy! He’s smaller than most of the guys on the field. He’s fearless and leaves it all on the field every game. 

Fortunately there is no video of me tearing my ACL doing flips on the trampoline in 2009. The difference was that while those guys were sidelined, there was a silver lining to my injury. My work was hit with a huge infusion of energy. I was stuck in a chair with my laptop and in eight weeks I cranked out The End of Marking Time.

If you’ve been following my MANday blog, you know about my challenge with Jillian Dodd and that the day for my photographs is fast approaching. You also know that I’ve been hurting the last few weeks and that my exercise is suffering.

This week after talking with my doctor, I’ve decided to stop working out altogether. The pain in my side is too severe to run or to do planks. For the next few weeks I’m going to take it easy while we figure out what is wrong.

While I’m on injured reserve I’m going to focus on writing. My goal is to finish the first Deadly Junk book and get started on the sequel to The End of Marking Time this fall. The delay will also give you more time to tell your friends to get their comments in so Jillian can get to her goal. Jillian and I originally thought she could get 5,000 people to comment. It seemed realistic since she was offering a $500 prize. 

Once I’m back on my feet, I’ll get in a few weeks of hard workouts and head for the photographer.


14 Comments on “MANday Week 10 – Injured Reserve”

  1. Really sorry to hear you’re still not feeling well. Hugs to you. Just take it easy and get better!

  2. Dee Timmons says:

    CJ I am so sorry you are on the injured list and still not feeling well! However I can help your dilemma if you allow me to assist. Please take a look at my website; I am promoting a product that really does work as I have lost 2 pant sizes while experimenting with the products. I would however suggest the Defining Gel so you can apply it to your target areas that still need assistance. This product will tighten and firm you up so you will not be so far behind schedule. I really hope you get better 🙂 and good luck!

    • cjwestkills says:

      Thanks Dee.

      I’m really not behind schedule. I’d like to have a little more definition, but I don’t want to be any thinner.

      I’ll take a look.

      • Dee Timmons says:

        It will definitely give you definition … I am doing the weight loss first then I am going to tighten up 🙂
        I hope you do check it out… you wont regret it!

  3. Running from Hell with El says:

    Feel better soon CJ!

  4. Sue says:

    Sure hope you can come off that injured list soon, CJ! Being sidelined is no fun … especially when you have goals you are trying to accomplish!!

  5. Melissa says:

    Hate to hear about your injury but as I am in the middle of “The End of Marking Time” I have to say I’m grateful for the time you had. It’s amazing!

  6. Kim says:

    You’re doing the right thing. Maybe you were meant to write right now and not work out. Take care of yourself!

  7. Sorry you’re not feeling well. I know how frustrating it can be to give up on a steady exercise routine due to an injury. I hope you feel better soon!

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