Giving Thanks By Giving Back

Over the last four years I have spent a lot of energy thinking about how to make our world a better place by helping those who have gotten off to a rough start. The End of Marking Time highlighted just how tragic life can be for kids who don’t find the right kinds of love and support as they grow.

This year I met a man who is helping make life a little easier for needy kids now and in the future by delivering clothes, toys, books, and other important household items. GiftsToGive founder Jim Stevens has created an organization to be proud of with a mission anyone can get behind. I was so impressed, I included Jim and his organization in my latest book, Dinner At Deadman’s to tell people about the great work they are doing.


CJ with Jim Stevens, Founder of GiftsToGive


The genius of GiftsToGive begins with volunteering. I’m pictured below with a Girl Scout troop from Marion, MA. These young girls worked hard to sort donated clothing. Just walking into the building these girls learned a valuable lesson about how many people really need our help. Working to provide that help gave them a feeling of joy that you can’t get any other way.


The Girl Scouts volunteer with a little help from CJ.


Below is a narrow shot of the women’s and girl’s clothes processing area. Area families donate piles of clothing that need to be sorted, washed, and delivered. Because the staff is entirely made up of volunteers, GiftsToGive performs a mountain of work on a tiny budget. The clothing is donated. Volunteers sort, wash, and package it. Social workers deliver the finished gift packages. I feel great helping this cause because everything I give goes to the kids. No one is collecting a paycheck. The entire organization works because they care.


Sorting for women’s and girl’s clothing


This year I’m proud to partner with GiftsToGive to help provide some of the things kids need new. If you’d like to join me and help buy a pair of socks, a toothbrush, or a birthday present for a child who really needs our support, visit my website and buy a signed book for yourself or anyone on your Christmas list.

Signed books cost $18 (delivered in the United States) and $2 of that will go directly to a child in need.

Please join me by buying a book anytime between now and the end of the year and have a very happy holiday season!




3 Comments on “Giving Thanks By Giving Back”

  1. Kim Mullican says:

    I will be putting my order in this week. What a noble cause CJ!

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