Getting Over The Hump – S.C. Cunningham

Please Welcome S.C. Cunningham to Getting Over The Hump Day.

S.C. writes scintillating thrillers. When we first chatted she told me she was worried that her work was too hot for the United States market. So be warned, S.C.’s steamy scenes will raise your temperature!

This week S.C. is going to tell us what gets her over the hump.

‘What inspires me?’

I have been staring at the question for a long time,  I don’t know how to answer it because my writing and entertaining folk, just ‘is’, I don’t hanker after inspiration, it just ‘is’…  the question for me is ‘how can I stay alive whilst I do it?’

I know writing is hair-pullingly hard, frustrating, difficult, unsociable, finance draining, mushroom living, lonely and heart on sleeve doubt ridden, but I can’t do anything else.

There are things I surround myself with when I write; music, smells, a dog, cups of tea/coffee. I have to know that all else in my world (family, responsibilities) is safe and ok before I sit and start, rid myself of nagging external thoughts, chores. And then, with a hint of guilt at the pleasure of it, I jump into whatever document I am working on (novel, screenplay)… feeling lucky that I can take the luxury of time to sit at a computer and bash at keys, to create a fantasy world that has the power to entertain folk, take them out of their world, throw them around the ‘cerebral’ room and leave them wanting more.

There are of course days when I seem to get nowhere, but that’s ok, it’s part of the process, it sorts the men from the boys. I know something is brewing, bubbling away in the back of my insane brain, ready to come out when it’s ready… the eureka moment of a sentence, paragraph, chapter, I just have to be patient (which is difficult for an Aries).

Don’t beat yourself up about ‘a blank page moment’ or ‘writers block’, don’t see it as a negative,  every emotion we feel has a use, gives empathy to write, something is always forming somewhere, whether you realise it or not, whether it takes days, weeks, months or years, it will come out… the main concern is surviving whilst we wait.

S.C. has written three thrillers, recorded the voice for her own audio books, and is currently working on a screenplay. Check out The Penance List on Amazon or visit to learn more about S.C. and her work.


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  1. Thank you for letting me visit CJ, it was fun.

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