The Twelve Days of (Christmas) the Mayan Apocalypse (8)

The world is ending soon. We don’t have much time. If you’re new to the Twelve Days of the Mayan Apocalypse, you might want to start here.

Day 8: A Modern Day Noah

The sun rose over the killing field on day 8 and peace returned to the plain. The survivors tested the military living quarters, and enjoyed watching the herds of animals prance around the base, but by noon they grew antsy.

The body count outside the fence lulled many into thinking the zombies wouldn’t return and they ventured outside the fence in search of things they’d need later. You suspect this wasn’t borne of real needs at all. Many men saw how you were heralded as a hero and they are jealous.

They leave the base in search of something that will prove their worth and endear them to the group. Several approach you and ask what you think the group needs to survive the winter. They’re willing to go to any length to collect what you require.

Will you play Noah and ask to collect seeds for planting and animals to populate the grounds inside the fence? You have plenty of fresh water and weapons and ammunition to last two lifetimes.

Is it safe to send them outside at all? What will you ask them to bring back?


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7 Comments on “The Twelve Days of (Christmas) the Mayan Apocalypse (8)”

  1. heavy equiment to burry / burn the neutrilized zombies, farm supplies and all the fence repair suplies the could find

  2. Kim Mullican says:

    With animals and food on that much acreage, I couldn’t imagine what you’d need. I would suspect that if you needed anything it would be clothing, seeds to be self-sustaining and maybe a scientist to figure out how eradicate the zombies!

    Also vodka… lots and lots of vodka!

  3. Dawnna Hale says:

    Seeds and several pounds of chocolate, for the chocolate I’d say it’s safe for them to go out!

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