The Twelve Days of (Christmas) the Mayan Apocalypse (10)

The world is ending soon. We don’t have much time. If you’re new to the Twelve Days of the Mayan Apocalypse, you might want to start here.

Day 10: It’s Your Turn

First thing in the morning on day 10 you fly in your twelve couples and turn them loose on the base. None of them complained about your lousy flying because they were so grateful to be safe of the zombies and have plenty of food and water, they’d follow you anywhere.

Your zombie-killing friends took the liberty of finding mates of their own. The group elects you mayor. Everything is great. You are in charge. You’re safe. Everyone is happy. You just need someone to spend your quality time with.

In your position, you can have any person on earth you choose.

Who will it be?


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2 Comments on “The Twelve Days of (Christmas) the Mayan Apocalypse (10)”

  1. Dawnna Hale says:

    Name? You want a name? A name huh? Well, I can think of someone……..Name, the guy wants a name…….okay…..umm….NO! We’ll call him Marty……

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