The Twelve Days of (Christmas) the Mayan Apocalypse (11)

The world is ending soon. We don’t have much time. If you’re new to the Twelve Days of the Mayan Apocalypse, you might want to start here.

Day 11: I’ll Have What He’s Having

Life was good for about ten hours. Your new lover arrived and you spent a blissful night together.  In the early morning hours the two of you slipped outside to view the stars. You held hands, looked up into the sky and far to the south, streaks of light rocketed down from the heavens.

At first the white-hot streaks could have been shooting stars, but they continued for ten minutes then twenty. They kept coming by the dozens all morning long.

When the sun rose, other couples came out and gaped as you all watched the streaking balls of stone crash to earth in little fireballs all along the horizon.

By breakfast it was clear the strikes were coming closer, raining down, destroying everything in a slow march of burning rock headed toward the army base. The good news was that the zombies were being wiped out en masse. The bad news was that there was nowhere to hide from the relentless meteor shower.

The team decides that driving north is futile. You have a full day to enjoy before the meteors start hitting.

What do you choose for you last meal? Don’t forget dessert!

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7 Comments on “The Twelve Days of (Christmas) the Mayan Apocalypse (11)”

  1. Dawnna Hale says:

    NEW LOVER????? You said we were just spending quality time and now you’re telling me we’ve had…..we did???? Well now I’m in BIG trouble!!!! Oh, I should have known that quality time would not involve meaningful conversation…..what was I THINKING!? I thought we just kissed, but NOOOOO! That wasn’t good enough!!!! Now look what you’ve done!! I’m….so embarrassed!

  2. ellie mack says:

    WE flee for the underground secret facility where we will ber safe from the meteor shower. The pilot fires up the plane while we load all the supplies we can aboard, and get all twelve couples on board. On the flight we have steak – from that lone cow that wandered through and survivor man killled with his leatherman multitool. Potatoes scrounged fron the base; a can of olives also scrounged from the base and sort of fresh apples – trying to save the seeds to grow some trees for future. Two bottles of champagne were found in the former general’s office. Dessert is available but not advisable. A fruitcake from God only knows when was found, a box of butter cookies that may break your teeth; A bag of gummy worms that are more petrified than gummy, and a box of vanilla wafers that taste like cardboard. Hey, you had fresh steak waht more do you want from me?

  3. […] I want to refer you to a fellow writer’s blog on this whole Mayan end of the world thing.  CJWest  has a great sense of humor and a talent for suspense.  Check out The Twelve Days of the Mayan […]

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