The Twelve Days of (Christmas) the Mayan Apocalypse (12)

The world is ending soon. We don’t have much time. If you’re new to the Twelve Days of the Mayan Apocalypse, you might want to start here.

Day 12: This is the Big One

The meteors are raining down. The end is just minutes away. The sun is setting and the end of the world will be spectacular light show or orange sky, streaking balls of flame, and explosions hitting the earth.

You can be anywhere in the world to watch the spectacle.

Where do you go to watch?

Who do you bring with you?

Feel free to post pictures on my facebook fan page.

Thanks for playing along. I hope you enjoyed the Mayan Apocalypse.

See you tomorrow. Maybe!

You’ll need something to do in the post-civilized world, so order one of my books while Amazon’s servers are still up and UPS is still delivering! Your money won’t be worth anything on December 22nd, so spend it while you can.

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2 Comments on “The Twelve Days of (Christmas) the Mayan Apocalypse (12)”

  1. Only have to survive for another 85 minutes!

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