CJ West spent twenty years helping companies solve computer networking and information management problems with firms including Arthur Andersen. In 1999, he began writing suspense novels and several years later transitioned to writing fulltime.

CJ puts everyday people into intense situations and forces them to consider how they came to be who they are. He enjoys exploring the world through his research and varies his stories to follow his curiosity.

Sin and Vengeance, the first book in CJ’s Randy Black series, was optioned for film by a screenwriting firm in early 2008. The screenplay, written by Marla Cukor, is complete, but has not yet made it to the big screen. A Demon Awaits, the second book in the series offers a major twist in the storyline and challenges readers to forgive Randy Black’s mistakes and follow his journey in future novels. Gretchen Greene, the third Randy Black novel is the first in a series of characters Randy will be tasked with saving. CJ’s latest standalone thriller, The End of Marking Time, was published in 2010.

 CJ hosts a Blog Talk Radio show called The Thriller-30 where he interviews contemporary thriller and suspense writers. Find more information at http://www.22wb.com


5 Comments on “About”

  1. Love your blog!!! Fun and smart!

  2. Donna B. McNicol [@donnabmcnicol] says:

    Good blog…just tweeted it out. I’ve followed Zen Habits for several years now. Love it! back to waiting for MANDAY…….]

  3. […] to the owners of Zorvino Vineyards (beautiful venue!), to the script writer and my author friend, CJ West, who included me as a saucy, sassy, British reporter capable of murder, along with a whole slew of […]

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