Criminal Cupid: A Thriller Threesome

What woman wouldn’t want a threesome for Valentine’s Day?

Guys don’t get too excited. Put your clothes back on and put your little black book away, because we’re talking books.

My friends August McLaughlin, Kristine Cayne, and I have a sweet treat for the ladies.  For two days only, February 13th and 14th, we’re offering three thrillers for 99 cents each. Purchase three books for a chance to win an I Survived A Thriller Threesome t-shirt (a $20 value).

How to play:

Purchase the following for yourself and/or others via Amazon. You must purchase three e-books for a chance to win a threesome tee. Though it’d tickle our frisky fancies if you purchased all three, any combination works. In other words, if you’ve read August’s book and loved it, you’re welcome to gift it to three friends. Or you could gift two of Kristine’s book to friends and nab mine for yourself. You get the idea. Then in the comments below, let me know that you’ve made three purchases. (How often do you get to say things like, “I ordered my thriller threesome!” ???) If your name is drawn, I’ll request proof of purchase. We’re giving away six shirts, so your chances are good!

The playmates:


Addicted to Love, by CJ West:

Wes Holiday sells his landscaping business and retreats to a quaint mountain town to heal after ending a ten year relationship with a woman he couldn’t bring himself to marry. In three weeks he is so captivated by a hair stylist that he deprives himself of food and sleep to be near her. When the local sheriff is murdered, Wes is recruited to keep the peace in the town his parents built, but he knows nothing about law enforcement and he’s struggling to understand how a woman he just met can dominate his every waking thought. Soon the idyllic town with a penchant for romance is rocked by a bizarre series of murders that defy explanation and it is up to Wes to stop a raging epidemic of violence. Purchase via Amazon

Deadly Addiction, by Kristine Cayne:

When beautiful police sergeant Alyssa Morgan enters his life, Rémi Whitedeer never expects her to upend it. Not only does she have his hormones in an uproar, she’s also threatening to take the position he wants–Chief of Police for the Iroquois Blackriver Reservation. But Alyssa is more than a Barbie cop. Her ends-justifies-the-means philosophy, so different from his own, challenges Rémi on every level. With her sharp investigative skills and her fearlessness, she leads Rémi to confront bitter truths about his family and his standing as a man of mixed race within his tribe.

Tall hunky Rémi Whitedeer, of the panty-melting grin and the smoldering green eyes, flips Alyssa’s world ass over teakettle. She’s always had a laser-like focus on the job, but Rémi proves a constant distraction. His inner strength and sense of purpose strip away the winner-take-all attitude Alyssa wears like armor. Soon she’s longing for more–a more that terrifies and intrigues her. If he finds out the fine line she’d walked while undercover, will he still want her? And will she ever find the courage to let him–or anyone–that far in?

When Alyssa and Rémi uncover a drug-fueled scheme involving a biker gang from Alyssa’s past and a militant sovereigntist group led by Rémi’s cousin, they are forced to choose between their growing love for each other and the lives they’ve worked so hard to build. Will Rémi and Alyssa have to leave everything behind–even their identities–for the chance of a future together? Purchase via Amazon

In Her Shadow, by August McLaughlin:

One woman locked in a basement, nearing death and longing for escape. Another baffled by the inexplicable symptoms wreaking havoc on her life. Both are lost and alone, yet somehow connected. And time is running out…

Near the tenth anniversary of her parents’ unexpected death, Claire Fiksen, a lovely young Harvard-grad and gifted psychologist in Minnesota, develops bizarre symptoms of an eating disorder that threaten her fledgling career, her relationship with a handsome young medical student, her grasp on reality and, soon, her life.

When her beloved grandfather reveals that there may be more to her parents’ death than she’s realized, Claire’s pursuit of healing becomes a desperate search for answers as she delves into her family’s sordid past. Meanwhile, someone is watching her every move, plotting to draw her into her own twisted web of misery. Claire has something he needs, and he’ll stop at nothing to obtain it. Every step Claire takes brings her closer to the truth and danger. And her life, she discovers, isn’t the only one at stake. Purchase via Amazon

For more threesome fun and more chances to win, visit Blogging with Kristine Cayne and Savor the Storm with August McLaughlin

Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day and, if you choose to play, a very thrilling threesome. 🙂

August, Kristine and C.J.

Have you ordered your Thriller Threesome? Do tell! Spicy details and creativity welcome!


Getting Over The Hump – August McLaughlin

Please welcome a new friend, August McLaughlin. A former model and actress, August has found her calling writing fiction. I highly recommend visiting August’s blog while we await her first book. You’ll find her writing polished and insightful. You’ll be glad you paid her a visit.

Welcome August!


Forging Ahead Without Going Crazy

The moment I set foot in Los Angeles in 2005, I was a giddy firecracker. After years of working in the fashion industry, I felt I’d found my calling in acting. Shortly after my arrival to the film and TV mecca, I sat down to dinner with my theatrical agent. He asked me a question his first acting coach posed to him. It went something like this:

“Imagine yourself in your seventies… You’re living in a studio apartment, eating Top Ramen for dinner and performing in a play at a little known black box theater, making just enough money to get by. Would you be happy?”

            My agent responded, “NO,” and began pursuing an alternate career. My answer? A resounding “YEEE HAA, YES!”  I loved acting, and I’ve always believed in following my heart’s desires. The only way I could see myself quitting acting, was if something I loved more came along. I couldn’t imagine that. About two years later, it did.

I have plenty of downfalls, but the tendency to give up isn’t one of them. If I’d left acting because I wasn’t booking enough work or wanted a more stable income, I’d say I surrendered. But neither was the case. I quit because I knew with my whole heart and mind that I was, and will probably always be, a writer.

If my agent asked me a similar question about writing today, my answer would be an even more enthusiastic YES. That’s not to say I don’t believe or desire success or financial stability; I do. The joy for me, though, is in the journey. Taking that path and trusting it leads to success of many kinds. That’s my compass. When I feel challenged, I remind myself of that. Then I sit down to the page and keep going.

When C.J. asked me to share how I stay motivated when times get tough for his fantastic blog, I was stoked. When I sat down to write it, though, I came up empty. I just…keep going, I thought. Why wouldn’t I be motivated? I quickly realized that there’s much more to it than that.

Forging on no matter what is vital, but that doesn’t mean overworking, never relaxing, or hitting back-to-back literary home runs. When I first began writing, I was under the impression that more meant better. I’d cram as much as I could into every day, barely stopping to breathe. This took away from my writing quality, my sleep and even my finances. I’ve since learned the value of rest, full days off, friendships with other writers and setting boundaries. (Every time we say “Yes” to a lunch, volunteer work or walking the neighbor’s dog during work time, we’re saying “No” to writing…)

If your brain feels sludgy today, rest then write tomorrow—assuming you’re not facing a deadline. If you think best during morning or evening hours, work then, but also leave room for play. Aim to move forward, rather than for perfection. Sleep enough. Eat well. Don’t forget to breathe. And when the going gets rough, don’t be afraid to seek help. One of the attributes I love most about the writing industry is its supportive nature. Lastly, listen to your inner voice. I can’t tell you how many times my instincts have saved my writerly butt. We often have the answers we seek, and need only to tune in and listen.

What keeps you motivated and moving forward? What has your inner voice been suggesting?