Is It Better To Give (Free e-books) Or Receive?

I recently enrolled in the KDP Select program and this weekend I’m giving away my first free book in the Kindle store.

Addicted To Love is free from Friday through Valentine’s Day.

I’ll wait while you go download…

Back? Great.

Some of you didn’t download. I know you didn’t. I guess you need more convincing…

It’s mostly the guys.

Shame, I had my artist put the knife on the cover just for you.

 Maybe we should have chosen a bikini model instead.

You wouldn't really buy a book with her picture on it would you?

Excuse us for a second ladies…

Okay guys, eyes down here. On the text.

Imagine a woman you are so in love with you can’t think about anything else. You are inseparable. You do everything together. You barely sleep. You forget to eat. All you want to do is wrap your arms around her and when you do, she nuzzles into you with a grin.

Then one night she attacks without warning. You can’t hit her. But damn, she’s trying to kill you. You want to cradle her, help her, but she’s got a knife and she really wants to slice you open. You didn’t cheat on her, didn’t even say anything stupid, but she’s furious. And you never knew she was this strong.

What do you do?

Click right here.

Okay. Great. Now you’ve got the book.

Welcome back ladies. On with the blog.

Some of you are wondering if I really want you to download the free e-book or if I secretly want you to go buy it later. You’re not alone. Many people outside the business ask if I’m crazy when I say I’d like 50,000 hey, even 500,000 people to download my books for free.

Why would I want that?

Simple. I. Want. You. To. Read. My. Work.

One of the secrets in publishing is that there are tens of thousands of really talented writers out there. The big publishers want you to think anyone not anointed by them is a hack. Someone you shouldn’t bother with. They highlight really bad books and annoying self-published authors and scare you into paying exorbitant prices.

Has it worked?

Are you afraid to try something new?

Do you know there are thousands of great books available for $3 or less. Do you know the great undiscovered authors who wrote these books? Of course you don’t. If you did, they’d be at the top of the charts.

Well, guess what? That’s all changing. Readers everywhere are taking a chance on free books and falling in love with someone new.

Me for instance.

Take a closer look and you’ll find that beneath my shameless attempts to make you smile I’ve written some books that people rave about. The End of Marking Time has 110 fantastic reviews. Several people have told me that every high school kid in America should read it before they graduate. It’s been called brilliant, amazing, and genius in review after review.

Have you read it? Why?

Because you didn’t know about it.

I want you to read it. I want you to enjoy it. That’s why it’s usually priced like a cup of coffee and sometimes it’s free.

If you don’t have a Kindle yet, you should know I’m giving away 12 Kindle Fires this year. The contest is completely free. So go and sign up!

Okay, so you can tell I like giving, but is it better to receive?

Only you can decide.

I have enjoyed reading free books by dozens of new authors in the last year. Free books have helped me get to know writers I work alongside. Now I can point friends to great books they can buy for a few bucks.

What’s not to love about that?