Dinner At Deadman’s Is Free!

DAD free2

Dinner At Deadman’s is free today and tomorrow. In that spirit, I thought I’d share a guest post from my recent blog tour to get you in the mood. Enjoy!

Would You Eat A Dead Lady’s Food?

Lorado Martin, star of my new novel Dinner At Deadman’s, loves to rummage around estates of the newly-deceased and prepare them for sale. He’s attracted to all sorts of collectibles, antiques, about anything lying around someone’s house that proves interesting.

The title Dinner At Deadman’s comes from a night Lorado is working in a woman’s home and decides to eat some cereal from her kitchen. I have been surprised by how revolting people find the idea of eating something from a dead lady’s home, so I thought I’d explore that idea with you a bit today.

One of my most surprising food finds was a can of peaches at the bottom of a set of cellar stairs. The can had rusted through. The peaches had seeped out and all that remained of them was a dark-colored spot on the wooden shelf underneath the can. The can must have been sitting there for several years and I wonder if anyone considered eating those peaches in the few years before I found them.

I think we can all agree we wouldn’t eat peaches from a rusty old can, but what about a can of soup in the pantry that was shiny and new? Could there really be anything wrong with soup that’s been lying around a while? If it was free, would you take it home? Would you check the expiration date first?

For me it would be an easy call. If it was canned food that I would buy anyway, I’d take any can that was in good condition. I’m not sure exactly what makes eating food from a dead person’s house weird. Is it the idea that whatever killed them might be infectious? Or is it a superstition that the food could be haunted? Or maybe the ghost of the previous owner would torment you for taking it home?

Let’s go to the kitchen next.

I remember eating cereal at my grandmother’s house. It was always stale. And she always filled bowls by hand, reaching in, grabbing a handful, and dropping it in a bowl like an excavator. That always seemed a little gross to me as a kid. The idea of a strange old lady’s hand on my cereal is enough for me to forgo an open box.

How about you? If you found an unopened box of your favorite cereal would you take it?

It’s a slippery slope once you get started. You open the freezer and see frozen steaks. The food starts to have value and in these tough economic times I think a lot of us would be tempted to take some of that free food home, especially if it was in a sealed container.

Whether this sounds like a great idea or a crazy one, I hope you’ll check out Dinner At Deadman’s and explore a sweet little old lady’s kitchen alongside Lorado.


I Don’t Want Your Free Book

I got started holding contests and giveaways when I first started writing. It’s a fun way to get people excited and I like doing things that are a bit off the beaten path. If you don’t believe me, check out MANday, my murder mystery and event videos, or my Kindle Fire contest.

Earlier this year I signed up for the KDP Select program at Amazon and starting giving away e-books. I was stunned when my first title was downloaded 65,000 times in two weeks. About 63,000 of those were free books.

I was so excited that I enrolled all my books and started giving them away with abandon. In two months I gave away about 120,000 e-books. It takes time for readers to get around to all those free books and some people have so many they can’t possibly read them all. But the hope is the freebies will get more people hooked on my work.

Yes, I’m marketing like a crack dealer, but books are good for you.

My message today begins with a free book but that isn’t what it’s really about.

Last week I offered a free book to someone and she said, “I love your work, but I don’t want a free book. I want to pay for it.” She actually waited for the book to go back on sale so she could buy it.

I’ve heard this before. Many people have purchased books out of my trunk at a steep discount. Several have told me they want to pay more and have even tried giving me an extra five bucks thinking I wouldn’t notice.

These people want me to make a living. They want me to succeed so I’ll keep writing. They know I need to earn something and they are willing to give more than necessary. I’m really touched by this today.

Writers create books and blogs and posts online but we never truly know how much we touch people. Lots of people lurk. They read and enjoy what we have to say, but we don’t often hear from them.

Today is my birthday and my Facebook page is flooded with messages. I’m really grateful for the outpouring of support. And just for fun I want to share some great images friends sent me today.

This one made me smile!


What a perfect cake for me!


How thoughtful!
This is actually on my diet!


Working alone (and being single), my online friends are a huge part of my community and I want to thank you all for making me part of your life’s journey. On days like today I realize how blessed I am.

I’ve planned a birthday party on May 23 to coincide with the release of a short story. Several author friends are lining up to give away e-books. I hope you’ll join me for a fun celebration.

A very special thanks today to all of you who join in, reach out, and become part of my world.