Intense Sadness is a Reflection of Love Lost

Yesterday I came online to horrible and unexpected news. A friend and supporter from Texas had suddenly turned ill and was in serious peril. Her young daughter who I had met on a recent trip there wrote to tell me that she was in intensive care, losing a lot of blood, and the prognosis wasn’t good.

At about 5:00 pm I posted a status asking for prayers.

The outpouring of support was immediate. Friends posted all over Facebook asking for prayers and support. A prayer vigil was held last night and I continue to receive messages asking about Terri. For those of you concerned about her, I still haven’t heard an update. I fear the worst but hold out hope.


Terri and I at dinner January 2012

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting since yesterday, praying for the family, and hoping the doctors have been able to be part of something miraculous. In the midst of this I am thankful. Visiting her page on Facebook it is easy to see how many people she has touched.

I can’t help being reminded of a Spongebob episode where Plankton dupes him into being mean and then Spongebob saves the day by being aggressively nice. He runs around fixing kites, handing out hotdogs and candy, basically doing good deeds for people as fast as he can. This is Terri Krause to me. She truly cares about the people she meets and is always looking to help in any way she can.

Whenever I talk to Terri she tells me of the neighbor she is baking for or the author she is helping online, or the friend she is praying for. Mother Teresa encouraged us to “Do the little things” because people will line up to do the big things. In my mind it is the little things that bring us comfort in the end because they make us feel loved and cared for.

Today I’m unsure what will happen. My hope is tempered with sadness but underneath it all are joyful memories of her kindness.

My heart goes out to Annalise and Mark. I thank you both for sharing Terri with us.

************************April 24, about 3:00 PM EDT

Here is an update from Mark, Terri’s husband.

Terri is still in ICU. Sunday night and Monday were tough sledding for Terri. She just about died from rapid loss of blood following gastric varices rupture due to her liver condition. This came on suddenly because she has an edoscophy procedure in February which was OK.

Monday morning she had a “TIPPS” procedure done to put a shunt across her live to lower the blood pressure difference between top and bottom of the liver. This reduces the pressure on the veins in the stomach and hopefully will stop the bleeding. She was responsive for the first time this morning wound 10am. The first positive today. This was a big concern because her blood pressure dropped to 30/nothing and the veins they were putting fluid in started to collapse. For the next 48 hrs or so they will be trying to reduce the fluid they are putting into her and trying to stop the blood transfusion

Terri is at a crossroads now. if the bleeding stops in the next 12-24 hrs then she has the chanc to recover. If the bleeding cannot be stopped there are no other options.

I wanted to have my daughter here at the hospital but I found out last night that they are having the STAAR/TAKS tests this week so she has to take those tests while mom is in ICU.

Yesterday I thought we were going to loose her for sure. Today I am hopeful that she has a fighting chance

I would appreciate it if you would post this as I am Facebook less.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. They do make a difference.

******** Update 4/25/12

Terri is still fighting in ICU.

Please keep her in your prayers.

******* Update 4/25/12  3:05 pm EDT

There has been little change in Terri’s condition. Blood counts have been stable for the last 6 hrs.  She is still on ventilator and dialysis. She is somewhat responsive and appears to be in constant pain.

Thank you everyone for your prayers.

******* Update 4/27/12 11:21 pm

It is with a very heavy heart that I post this final update from Mark.

Terri left us at 3pm today to be with God.  She never made any progress from Tuesday on.  I suppose I will be making arrangements tomorrow and will let you know.  Please pass on to CJ and to the rest of her friends on Facebook.  I am exhausted and not going to call anyone else until tomorrow.


Thank you everyone for your prayers up to this point. I ask you all to pray for Mark and Annalise. They need our support now more than ever.

*****  Arrangements for Terri (a message from her husband Mark)

I am sad to say that Terri left us for a better place where there is no pain on Friday April 27, 2012 at 3pm.  The doctors and nurses at St. Luke’s hospital here in Houston did an extraordinary job of giving her the chance for recovery.  It was just too much for her.

Visitation is on Friday May 4th from 6-8pm and the service is on Saturday May 5th at 1pm.  Details are on Earthman’s website  Look for Terri Krause on the right-hand side of the page.

I am sad to say that Terri left us for a better place where there is no pain on Friday April 27, 2012 at 3pm.  The doctors and nurses at St. Luke’s hospital here in Houston did an extraordinary job of giving her the chance for recovery.  It was just too much for her.

For the last couple of years as her physical mobility declined her activity on Facebook increased.  It is important that all her friends know.  I am sorry I cannot tell each one of them how much they enriched her life.