MANday Week 1

If you missed last week’s post and don’t know what MANday is, you can see a MANday post on my friend Jillian’s blog. Basically she’s posting eye candy for the ladies to make Monday more fun. Great idea!

So, last week Jillian and I made a bet. If she can get 5,000 people to post on my MANday challenge by June 30, I’ll pose (shirtless) for her blog. She’s off to a good start, but she needs as much help as she can get. If you comment on the MANday challenge page, you could win $500. Well worth the 20 seconds it’ll take you to click over and back.

I’ll wait…

This is my second week of exercise for MANday. On my way around the block this week I was thinking the key part of my exercise routine is that moment when I feel like I can’t go on. My heart is really pumping, or my legs are starting to hurt, or the wind is blowing in my face. I seem to live on the only block in the world where the wind blows against you on three of the four sides. At least it’s not all uphill.

Anyway, when I don’t think I can go on anymore, that’s the moment when it is really important to push. That’s when I’m building my endurance and breaking through to another level.

Being an author has serious advantages then. It’s one of those times the voices in my head are really useful. The exchange between author CJ and personal trainer CJ goes something like this:

ACJ: “My legs are getting rubbery.”

PTCJ: “Don’t be a sissy. You walk around this block every day.”

ACJ: “Yeah, walk.”

PTCJ: “You’re not running that fast. Some lady’s going to pass you power walking.”

Another two telephone poles go by.

ACJ: “The wind is in my face again.” It’s more a thought bubble than a whine.

PTCJ: “Do you know how many hits Jillian gets? You don’t want to look like that fantasy author* posing with the romance covers. Do you?”

My pace picks up and pretty soon the crisis is past and I’m climbing the big hill that’s my last real obstacle in the four mile course. This week I ran the 4.1 miles twice. (It rained two days.) My legs are feeling strong and not terribly sore, so I’m thinking in a few weeks I’ll start extending my range or picking up the pace. Not sure which yet.

The voices help when I’m doing planks, too, but the most helpful thing is watching the clock and never letting myself down until I tie my previous record.

Each day I post my time on #PlankADay on Twitter. It’s a great supportive community with a lot of people who hold a plank much longer than I do. I’m encouraged, but I’ve got a long way to go. I time my first plank of the day, which is always my best.

My times for the first two weeks looked something like this.


2:01 (I almost died)

I feel like I’m on my way with planks and running. For next week I’m going to check out some new ab exercises. I’ll share my new finds then. If you’ve got a great exercise you enjoy, tell me about it.  I’ll try anything once.

* Thanks to Facebook friend Bri Clark for the link!


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